Jelly Bros.

Old East Neighbourhood Map Print



London, Ontario's Old East Neighbourhood. This map print includes the area east of Adelaide Street and west of Pottersburg Creek, bound to the north and south by the CP and CN tracks respectively.

THREE options for title:

  1. Old East Neighbourhood - the most popular choice;
  2. Old East Village - we also have a different Old East Village map here with a better representation of just the village;
  3. East London Neighbourhoodthe technical name of the planning district for this specific region!
  • Clean, colourful, frame-ready print.
  • Digitally printed on bright white paper.
  • 11"x14" print; frame not included - 11"x14" frames can easily be found at your local art retailer or online. (This standard North American frame size is available everywhere that sells frames except for IKEA).

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Designed & printed by Jelly Brothers in Hamilton, ON.

Artist's copyright note: All of the maps are the artist's work and are available as prints only - they may not be used otherwise without express permission from the artist.