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Natural Veg Tan

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Not much of a cash person? Looking for something minimal that'll hold what you need and no more? Take a look at the Aberdeen. It can even easily fit in your front pocket.

This wallet has three pockets for cards, with a thumb slot cut out for easy access. Since the Aberdeen is made of 3-4oz Wickett and Craig leather, it'll stretch to accommodate what you need it to hold and no more. The Natural Vegetable Tanned leather will graciously age with you to tell the stories of where it's been through its patina.

  • 3-4oz Wickett & Craig Veg Tan leather
  • Hand cut, and hand sewn with Vinymo thread
  • Burnished edges

Small wallet - approx. size: 4.25" x 2.75" x 1/4".

    Made by Phee's Original Goods in Sydney, NS.