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When I Think About Vancouver

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The City Series is an extension of our popular Canadianist line of art prints. In this series, we honour both the obvious and the obscure about our great Canadian cities. Made from a local’s perspective, this illustrated print celebrates those things you almost forgot you’ve always appreciated about Vancouver.

Produced entirely in Canada, these prints are letterpressed onto thick, toothy cover stock in two luscious inks and one hit of gorgeous copper foil.

Each print is certified with a foil seal and letterpressed mini certificate — and packaged with a sturdy chipboard backing in a protective, crystal clear poly bag. 

Name: When I Think About Vancouver
Illustrator: Tom Froese
Colours: Centennial Blue (295U), Patina (3405U), Copper Foil
Dimensions: 8 x 10 inches

Printed by Everlovin' Press in Kingston, ON.