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Dress it up or keep it cas with our unisex semiprecious gemstone bead bracelets. Perfect for daily wear; available in four sizes.

  • 6mm mahogany obsidian, golden obsidian (lava glass), solid brass.
  • Strung on highly durable 1mm stretch cord, knot cemented inside bead.
  • Handmade in London, Ontario.


  • Circumference of the bracelet:
    • XS / kids 9+;  6.5" / 165mm
    • S;  7" / 178mm
    • M;  7.5" / 191mm
    • L;  8.25" / 210mm
  • Sizing recommendation #1: loop a piece of string or cord around your wrist so it's snug but not tight, mark the length, then measure on a flat ruler. As a rule of thumb, add +0.25" to +0.5" to this measurement, (+0.25" if you like a more snug bracelet, +0.5" if you want a tiny bit of room), and see where this puts you on the chart! The sizes are fairly close to each other so it's up to your preference of fit.
  • Size recommendation #2: most sold unisex bracelets are medium, with small being a close second in sales.
  • Size recommendation #3: as an average 5'5", 150lb male, I wear a medium because I like it to have a little room. I can get away with wearing a small but it's  more snug than I prefer.

Using natural gemstones means the appearance of each bracelet will slightly differ. The number of stones used differs based on bracelet size. Bracelet pictured: medium.

How are our prices so low? By only offering a couple of perfected styles, we can order top-quality gemstones in bulk and pass the savings on to you! *muah*

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