Spruce Moose Bow Ties

Spruce Moose's premium pre-tied bow ties!

  • Handmade in London, Ontario.
  • Premium fabrics sourced both locally and internationally.
  • Signature adjustable denim neck strap.
  • Pre-tied bow tie style.

    Bow Tie Fabrics:
    Bow: most are 100% cotton; some contain silk or wool - contents vary by item; please refer to product specifics on item of interest.
    Strap: cotton twill.
    Liner: some bow ties contain a cotton-polyester blend liner inside the bow to add bulk and support.

    Due to many fabrics containing prints, the appearance of every bow tie will vary slightly.

    Finished Bow Sizes:
    Adults: Approximate bow size of 11cm x 6.5cm (4.25" x 2.5").
    Kids: Approximate bow size of 9cm x 5.5cm (3.5" x 2.25"). 

    Neck Strap Sizes:
    Adults: Standard adjustable strap fits adult XS-XL, neck size 30cm to 46cm (12" to 18").
    Kids: For kid's bow ties, the adjustable strap fits most aged 4-13, with neck size 25cm to 38cm (10" to 15").

    Signature Twill Neck Strap:
    Black double-washed twill is the fabric of choice for the signature Spruce Moose adjustable neck strap for a number of reasons:

    • Sleekness: classy-looking bow ties, even though the strap gets completely hidden when worn.
    • Practicality: fabric thickness allows for a strap that does not slide out of place once adjusted. None of those flimsy straps or twisted clips - adjust it once, wear it repeatedly.
    • Durability: the signature denim strap will hold up wear after wear after wear.
    • Cost: flawless, durable straps made of fabric costing much less than the premium fabrics used for Spruce Moose's bow tie bows helps keep prices incredibly low for the customer for an exceptionally high-quality Canadian-made product!