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Spruce Moose Signature Scarf

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Winter will become your favourite season thanks to the Spruce Moose Signature Infinity style Scarf.

  • Premium heavyweight fabric blend is incredibly soft and durable.
  • Colour and pattern are very versatile and perfect for your fall and winter wardrobe.
  • Large scarf looks amazing, keeps you cosy, and has the Perfect Fit*.
  • Handmade in London, Ontario.
  • FYI: Scarf now features Spruce Moose's signature tapered seam. What this means: there is no specific front or back to the scarf, and no part of the scarf has unsightly seam bulk!
  • FYI: Scarf made with one twist for increased versatility; when wearing the scarf wrapped twice, looping one way untwists the scarf for our favourite wide draping looser fit, where looping the scarf the other way adds twists for a tighter more twisted fit! (This will make sense when you're putting on your scarf).

This scarf is the most popular item at Spruce Moose's shows, and quantities are limited. We absolutely LOVE the Spruce Moose Signature Scarf!

*Perfect FitScarf has an approximate finished width of 9" and a loop length of 67". This means that your signature scarf will be nice and full when looped on twice but won't be too bulky or too tight. This scarf is designed to be big and cozy and can be worn with or without a coat. 

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